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SoundasaurusSoundasaurus Cover

‘How can you look up a word in the dictionary if you don’t know how to spell it?

Soundasaurus is designed to assist children to find and spell words by attending first to the sounds they hear in words and then to the written representations of these sounds.

Soundasaurus is a …

  1. Word Finder – containing the most common high frequency words and words with unpredictable letter patterns.
  2. Personal Word Bank – with space to record the spelling of personally relevant words
  3. Homophone Helper – listing words that sound the same but are spelt differently

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Soundasaurus Bingo Flash Card


Soundasaurus Bingo Flashcards are an excellent resource for parents and teachers to use as an introduction to Soundasaurus.

  1. Helps children to memorise the pictures and focus sounds from the index pages of Soundasaurus
  2. Can be used either as bingo games or cut up into individual flashcards

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The Soundasaurus Word/Picture Game Cards are used to play word or picture Bingo with the  Soundasaurus Bingo Flashcard/Templates.

  • Helps children match same sounds by word or picture
  • Children can ‘touch’ each sound as they say them and can easily see how many sounds are in each word by the coloured visual representation.

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