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I can play “Sound Bingo” and “I Spy” with the index words & pictures.  Soundasaurus is fun.
Lachlan - Prep - Oakleigh

It helps you learn and it’s fun to use.  When you need to spell it’s easy to find by sounding out.
Emily -Grade 1 - Brighton

You can find stuff.  It’s like a dictionary and I like the stars on the homophones. It’s colourful and fun to use.
Jack -Grade 1 - Hawthorn

If the word you need isn’t there, you can write it in the missing spaces and draw pictures next to your special words to help you remember them.
Emma - Grade 3 - Sandringham

I still get mixed up with homophones and Soundasaurus helps me work out which word I want. I really like the spelling tricks too for the harder words. Soundasaurus makes spelling fun.
Josh - Grade 5 - Caulfield



Soundasaurus is a wonderful resource.  I have used it successfully in therapy sessions with students who are struggling with reading and spelling, as well as with ‘able’ readers and spellers to extend their knowledge.

Seeing all of these spelling choices for one sound helps students to acknowledge that a major reason for their difficulty in encoding (spelling) and decoding (reading) is not simply that they ‘cannot do it’, but that it is a complex decision making process – which letter(s) should be used to represent a sound, or which sound do those letters represent?

Finally, as the research promotes that instruction and intervention in reading and spelling should focus on students having strong phonological awareness skills,  Soundasaurus is a unique resource to help parents, teachers, speech pathologists and anyone assisting a child with their reading and spelling to ‘crack the code’.
Sharon Vaughan - Principal Speech Pathologist - Sharon Vaughan & Associates

I love Soundasaurus as it makes a lot of sense and is very user friendly. The illustrations also help them locate the correct sound. The students have races to see who can locate certain words the quickest and they have loved adding their own words too. A fantastic resource which every child learning to spell should have.
Alison Heyes - Literacy Support Teacher - Ivanhoe Grammar - Teaching grades 2 – 5

Mentone Primary School first introduced the use of Soundasaurus from Prep to Grade 6 at the end of 2007 and into 20008. We have found Soundasaurus to be an innovative and practical spelling resource that is easy for all children from Prep to 6 to use. (regardless of spelling ability) Viv has provided us with outstanding support and P.D. to get us started and we have continued to build an extensive list of ideas for Soundasaurus' from within our own staff. Soundasaurus has been an exciting addition to the Literacy Program at Mentone Primary School.
Debbie Brennan Literacy Co-ordinator P--6 Mentone Primary School.

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