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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the main aim of where4kids?

A: where4kids aims to strengthen the link between home and school by acknowledging the vital roles that both parents and teachers play to help maximise children’s learning potential.

Q: What age group of children does where4kids target?

A: where4kids focuses on students as young as 4 through to 12 year olds completing their primary schooling.

Q: How does where4kids help parents who are not teachers to help their children?

A: where4kids demonstrates FUN, simple strategies and educational games parents can play with their children. The emphasis is not on teaching but on playing and repetition to help children retain the fundamentals needed at primary school. Current terminology and strategies are explained and the seminars and workshops provide a forum for parents to hear each other’s concerns and ideas.

Q: Does where4kids provide direct assistance with children in addition to helping parents?

A: Yes – where4kids provides individual consultations for both parents and children. This includes regular tuition for primary school aged children.

Q: Does where4kids work directly with schools?

A: Yes – where4kids offers parent information seminars at schools as well as Professional Development support for teachers to help improve students’ spelling.



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